Your Health Your Responsibility

Time and time again I hear excuses and even worse “blame” for why someone is not in shape, or just healthy in general. My favorite is when they blame someone else for the reason they are out of shape and unhealthy!! Hearing this drives me crazy! It’s “Your Health Your Responsibility”

Making Excuses/Denial

We have all heard it a thousand times. The endless excuses of why someone can’t seem to get to the gym or workout at all!! Some of my favorites are: “Its Friday” (this one is just stupid), “I worked out yesterday” (yeah I know… that was yesterday), “My energy levels are low” (ahh… yeah no shit… its because you don’t workout)

This list can go on forever, and sometimes it does! But the worse one I have ever heard is when someone gets ill and finds someone to tell them that they issue has noting to do with their lifestyle! If your overweight… don’t workout… eat like shit!!! Then you have a health scare like liver issues or heart problems… and some idiot friend or Doctor tells you that your lifestyle has nothing to do with your health issues!! Worst of all they believe these guys!! The health issues always seem to stay or get worse in the care of these so called “Experts”.

What needs to be done!

Ultimately we all need to realize that its Your Health Your Responsibility. More and more these days we rely so much on Doctors for the most minor issues… its insane!! I know people who get the flu.. or the common cold.. and go running to their Doctors for anti-biotics?? Which is a terrible way to treat illness, especially such minor issues. We have all been so programmed over the past 4 to 5 decades to seek the advice of Doctors for everything! The issue is that Doctors are trained to treat trauma!! They look at the symptoms and find a way to cover them up with drugs… that is what they do!! The quicker we understand this the sooner we can start taking responsibility for our own Health!!

anti-biotic = against life

Every time your immune system fights off anything it becomes stronger. Putting these fake synthetic drugs in your body only weakens your immune system. This causes people to get sick more often and in turn… keep going to their doctors for these fake/false solutions! And the cycle continues!!

The Solution

Like I wrote in the post “The Same Solution”… the solution to all this is getting yourself to your healthiest potential and staying there for the rest of your life! Which includes: Eating right, Exercising and if it applies to you, Losing Weight! This is the pic from the last post… Please take another look!!

When you lose fat...

Just take another look at this great graphic!! All those amazing benefits for you body when you lose unwanted body fat!!!


We all need to start with this first big step Your Health Your Responsibility. It’s your body and you need to know how to take care of it!! It is the only thing you have when your born and it will be the only thing you take with you when you die!! You should be functioning like a well oiled machine your entire life… stay tuned to find out how!!!



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