Why Your Results Stop!!

Do you ever wonder why you stop getting results… even when you continue to do the things that gave you your results in the first place??

This is a very common question I get a lot.  I am going to talk about a recent client that I just had this conversation with!!  Let’s name her Lisa…
She had started a cardio program I had put together for her and a friend!!  Nothing too challenging, they just wanted to get 3 productive runs in per week… easy!!!

Lisa and her friend lost about 15 lbs total with in 2 months from doing this simple cardio program.  Sounds great right…

Now here is the kicker… in the third month both Lisa and her friend felt great and the runs had become pretty easy… hmmm.  So the runs became easier because their bodies, were not only in better shape but, had adjusted to the resistance placed on them and it was no longer as hard of a challenge as it was in the beginning!!


The Solution

So naturally when people start to see their results diminish the “Bitching” starts… LOL!!  People start to find people or reasons to blame for their diminishing results.  A lot of people start to feel like it’s their “Motivation” that is declining that is why their results are slowing down!!

Let me share with you the easy fix I used to fix this issue with Lisa and her friend!!  What I did is make adjustments to their running program.  I added interval running with some speed work along with some distance work!!

This change didn’t involve any more distance or any additional time to their workout at all!!  But these minor changes to their workouts boosted their “Motivation” and inspired them to lose another 10 lbs over the next 2 months!

Now please keep in mind they were also following my meal plan from the beginning… their food didn’t not change during this whole time period… only the workouts!!!


So in conclusion… when you start to feel like your workouts aren’t working anymore… start making changes!!  I like to use the analogy of doing push ups!!   
If you did 100 regular push ups everyday you would get awesome results!!  But after a couple months you would feel great doing the 100 push ups but your results wouldn’t be the same!!  

This being said you could still do 100 push ups everyday… all you would need to do is change up the variety of push ups, or the intensity, and you notice your results would start to come back!!

Constant adjustments to your workout are always going to be key to your fitness journey’s success!!

To Your Health & Fitness


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