Why your “Gainz” are Fading Away??

It’s funny people always seem to ask me the same questions.. which I am always happy to answer!!  One of the most frequent question I get is, “Why did my results (or Gainz) stop??… I am still doing the same workout you gave me??”

Okay… the last part of his statement is the whole problem!!  “I am still doing the workout you gave me”.

Stop doing the same thing over & over

Let’s look at it in running terms.  If you ran 1 mile every day… you would start feeling pretty good just after the first few days.  You would start seeing some small results and they would keep increasing for a few weeks or so… but then!!

It starts to happen… your increased results will start to slow down and all of a sudden the only thing you get out of that run is that you have become really good at running “1” mile!!

Why it happens

The human bodies most amazing characteristic is the ability to  adjust to its environment and stress!  This is the reason that we get our “Gainz” when we workout consistently!!  We make our bodies work hard and put a lot of physical stress on our bodies when we workout!  

Well we should anyways… some of us don’t put any stress on our bodies when we workout… and those people don’t see any results… LOL!!!

#FIRST# the whole point is that your body will adjust to what you are doing and before you know it the great results you were getting from a particular workout are slowing down!!

Our Reaction

What happens when we stop seeing the results we were getting from our workout… we stop working out… sound familiar!!  Guess what happens when we stop working out??  The results you did get  start to fade away.  We get frustrated and start blaming the workout… our diets… our age… whatever we can find to blame except for the very reason our “Gainz” are fading away!!

The Solution

So how do we solve this??

Easy… Constant Variations throughout your workout… AND throughout your training!!

Another great example is the pic below…  Imagine if you only did the “Classic” push up every time you did push ups.  Sure you would get a little stronger and you would be really great at doing the “Classic” push up.

Now imagine if you became really great at doing all of these different types of push ups!!  Your result would be awesome and keep improving… 

Consistency and Variation is key to your fitness journey and getting your health to its highest level!!

Push Up Variations

Check out all these great AB exercises!!  Every time you workout you should be using multiple exercises that hit the same muscles!!

Perfect ABS


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