White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

Here is the age old question that every person starting out in fitness and an healthier lifestyle always asks??  “What is better for you, White Rice or Brown Rice??

The obvious answer… for anyone who had been working out for over a week :)… is Brown Rice!

I have seen countless graphics like the one below that is constantly trying to promote White Rice as “Not that Bad”.  No matter how you look at it or try to manipulate the stats to make yourself feel better… Brown Rice is far superior to White Rice!!

Instead of Googling stats and trying to find a way to make White Rice sound good for you… just try it out!  If you eat white rice on a consistent basis… switch to Brown Rice for a month!!

You will notice such a beneficial result that you will never want to go back to White Rice.  But that being said… I suggest you go back to White Rice after a month as a test!!  Most likely you will feel bloated and full… along with a bout of Food Coma!!

White Rice Vs. Brown Rice
White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

Remember this post from a few weeks ago?  Just imagine how healthy our kids would be if they ran toward a fruit truck instead of an ice cream truck!?!?

Fruit Trucks

To Your Health & Fitness,
Arqum Iqbal

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