Weekend Calisthenic Workout!!

Hey Guys…

Here is your Calisthenic workout for the weekend.  This workout does require a Pull Up Bar and a place to perform Dips!!

If you don’t have a Pull Up Bar you can do this at a park or find a tree that you can do Pull Ups on!  And if you don’t have a Dip Station to perform Dips use 2 chairs like this pic!!

At Home Chair Dips

Remember NO EXCUSES… there is always a way to perform the required exercises!!  If you are stuck and can’t figure out how to perform the exercises without equipment… just ask!!  I will help you get set up where ever you are working out!!!

Complete each set with about 30 seconds rest… Complete 3 rounds total!! 
After 3 rounds move on to “ABS of Steel”. Both workouts will give you a great full body workout!!

Weekend Calisthenics Workout
Weekend Calisthenics Workout

Don’t forget the “ABS of Steel” workout below.  I have been getting a lot of great feed back on this AB workout!  Add this to your weekend workout to get a great Full Body Workout!!

ABS of Steel
ABS of Steel

To your Health & Fitness
Arqum Iqbal

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