The Same Solution

Working in the Health & Fitness Industry generally leaves me to answer the same questions. “How do I lose weight?” “What is the best way to burn fat?” “How do I get healthier?” “What should I eat?” … you get the idea!! It seems no matter the problem or the aliment. The Same Solution answers and fixes almost every problem that people deal with today!!

The Problems

Almost every problem that comes to me is always associated with the same issues. Lack of exercise, poor diet and being overweight! Last week one of my clients introduced me to her Mother. She suffers from diabetes! Diabetes has been on the raise in the US. Therefore we have seen this problem increase dramatically over the past 3 decades. The increase is very unfortunate considering that diabetes can be kept under control through a person’s diet.

Therefore when I asked about her diet and exercise routine… Well!!!!! Let’s just say her workout routine didn’t exist. Her diet was so bad that I felt sick after our conversation!!

The above example and thousands of others all have the same 3 problems.

  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor Diet
  • Overweight

The Solution

As a result the remedy is always “The Same Solution”.

Here it is:

  • Get More Exercise
  • Eat Healthier/Clean Up Your Diet
  • Lose Weight

This Blog was created from this great pic up on our Social Media… Here it is!!

Look at this graphic very closely. I was amazed at the percentage of improvements that occur. Seems like most issue vanish with weight/fat loss. Hence “The Same Solution” will heal all of these issue!!


Just looking at the graphic it seems pretty easy to figure out the conclusion to this blog post! As soon as you begin to lose weight/fat every aliment that someone suffers from is dramatically decreased! Therefore the solution to most of the health issue out there can be solved by the three solutions above!

  • Get More Exercise
  • Eat Healthier/Clean Up Your Diet
  • Lose Weight

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