The Right Fuel

Not the breakfast of champions

As I was driving to work this morning I saw a person walking down the street smoking a cigarette and drinking a protein shake at the same time?!?! The optimist in me said “Well at least he is getting some nutrition,” but is he really getting the Right Fuel?

I am sure you know someone who does a few healthy thing for themselves… and all of a sudden they are a health guru… Lol. But the unfortunate problem is that these guys start preaching and “teaching” others how to eat! You know who I am talking about. The guy who makes his first protein shake and now is an expert on nutrition. Every gym has these guys and they are easy to find… usually these guys know everything about everything… lol… just ask!!!

My Favorite Analogy

When I talk to someone about “The Right Fuel” I always like to use the same analogy. Years ago I had a client who is really into cars. Fast high end sports cars! He would take these cars to a track and load them up with high octane clean fuel and race for hours. These are high end precise machines that needs the right type of care and attention!!

Guess what else is a high end precise machine that needs the “Right Fuel”… YOU ARE!! If you were to put in low quality cheap fuel into one of these cars. Do you think it would run perfectly and perform how you want it to? Of course not! So why would your body perform at its top level when you are feeding it low quality cheap foods that barely have any nutritional value at all??


So next time you are out getting something to eat or at home preparing your next meal. Think about the Right Fuel and is what you are getting out of the foods you are about to eat.

Which Road would you Choose?

Are you getting Premium nutrition that is going to allow your body to function like a high performance sports car. Or are you putting in low quality food that your body has to fight just to keep running? Choose the Right Fuel!!

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