Stop Reading Food Labels

Last week I was at the grocery store and this nice old lady asked me “Can you tell me what these ingredients mean?”  As I read the label I was thinking “What the hell is all this shit?”  The first two ingredients seemed like real food but then next 25 ingredients I have never heard of?? 

I just kept thinking to myself… “Why would anyone put these ingredients in food”… but most of all… “Why would anyone put these ingredients into you body?”

I looked back at this nice elderly lady and said I wouldn’t eat any of these ingredients and I would suggest you shouldn’t too!!  She looked at me a little confused and said… “I figured if I didn’t know what it was I shouldn’t eat it!!”

I continued to tell my new friend to stop reading labels.  If you want to eat as healthy as possible the foods you buy shouldn’t have labels on them!!  For example when you but Organic Apples… they are just Organic Apples… That’s it… “It is What it is!!”  

Next time you are in a store, only purchase food that you already know what it is.  Stay away from packaged or boxed foods!!  Only purchase fresh produce and fresh meats!!

Real Food had NO labels

Now of course I got some back lash from someone on Social Media saying that “fresh food is not always an option!!”  This is the biggest load of SHIT I have ever heard!! I have never walked into a grocery store or been to a farmers market and there wasn’t fresh fruit and produce!!

We have all become so spoiled in getting whatever we want whenever we need it… we just expect everything to be there for us all the time!!  
For example:  If it’s not Strawberry season I’m probably not going to find fresh Organic Strawberries!!  So guess what… I don’t get to eat fresh Organic Strawberries right now!!  But I can guarantee there is something just as healthy and nutritious available :).

There is always an option of fresh fruits and produce… it is just if we decide to take that option or not!!


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