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FREE Health & Fitness Consultation

Valued at 150+, only my private clients had access to this membership. Since this call is necessary to gather the information needed to create your customized plan, I’m including it for free when you join the ArqFit membership.

Customized Diet Plan

The reason these diet plans don’t work for most people is because they’re not tailored to your body type by someone who’s experienced working with an array of body types… and getting results for those body types.

Customized Workout Plan

With the ArqFit membership, I’ll be creating a customized workout routine for you based on the information gathered during our initial consultation call and I will tweak that regime if things need to be changed a long the way.

24/7 Email Support

My number one intention behind this program (other than getting you results) is to make you feel supported and hold you accountable so you can get to where you want to go. This starts with having your questions answered and being easily reachable to my membership clients.


"Arqum completely transformed my health! I was at a loss with what to do. Doctors appointment after doctors appointment and no one could give me any answers. What Arqum told me made so much sense. He had me make some diet/lifestyle changes and I have never felt better. If you want answers and results, Arqum is your guy!! I am so grateful he could give me the answers and guidance I needed."

You’re already saving $200 a month when you sign up for the free trial because I’m giving you a free meal plan, however, you have the opportunity to save an extra $100 dollars when you skip the trial and go straight into the membership because I like to reward action takers 😉 this means if you’re reading this and thinking “hell yes I’m ready to work with you” you’ll be saving a total of $300 per month

This is effective. I’ve spent the last 25 years training people of every body type you can imagine to get the varied results they’re after. Due to this extensive experience I feel extremely confident in my ability to do the same for you, and if I don’t… I offer you your money back.

this membership means I get to expand my impact and help more people than I’m able to now, which was my intention from the beginning. So, I’m opening up a handful of spots where you can work with me privately for a fraction of the 5 figure price tag that my in-person clients pay, BUT- they are limited and my expertise is highly sought after so they are already almost sold out. If you’re interested I highly suggest you act now

That’s right, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you don’t see results within 30 days of working together, I give you your money back, no questions asked. Also I’d like to note, none of my clients have ever requested their money back before.

This isn’t some group coaching program or weekly newsletter with information and exercises to help you. This is a hands on, private mentorship where I personally create your diet and workout plans and stay in constant contact with you to keep you accountable. You’re getting everything my private clients get, the only difference is it’s virtual and for a fraction of the price.
No more excuses. I can create a workout plan you can follow anywhere which is why I’ve worked with so many busy CEO’s and traveling business men. If you’re on the go and don’t have access to a gym, I can create an effective workout regime you can do from your home or hotel room.


Not sure if this is the right fit for you? Have specific questions? Book a call with me and let’s go over the details together. You can also email me your questions using the forum below