Is Reality TV turning you into “The Biggest Loser”


Biggest LoserAs a new year approaches, talk of the new years resolutions start buzzing around the gym.  I can’t help but remember one of the most popular reality shows “The Biggest Loser”.

One of the issues with this show are the participants!  Well… not the participants personally, but the process of how they are able to achieve such remarkable results in such a short amount of time!  The reason the participants achieve such great results is because the men and women are taken out of their current environment and moved into a house together.  In this house everyone’s diet and exercise are controlled.  Actually their entire day, including sleep, is monitored and controlled!!

In Reality

If anyone reading this blog needed to lose 200 pounds and I was able to control all your caloric intake and all your exercise. I would control your entire day for months.  I would guarantee that you would get the results you were looking for!!  The issue is that everyday people that need to lose weight don’t live in such a controlled environment.  Making it much more difficult to duplicate the same results in the same amount of time.  Now keep in mind I am not saying that it is impossible for fans of “The Biggest Loser” not to achieve the same result.  But it may not happen as fast as the participants on the show!!


After 20 years in the Health and Fitness Industry I’ve seen people who have been motivated from shows like “The Biggest Loser”. Some of them have lost significant amounts of weight.  I have also seen, and worked with people who have become discouraged and dis-stressed.

Its hard to watch friends, family, clients and followers struggle with weight and the negative affect it has on their lives.  I get questions everyday about health issues and concerns.  Unfortunately I only have so much time.  I can’t get to all the questions and concerns many people have.  A friend of mine suggested that I start a blog and use it as a platform to answer as many questions as I can.  Starting with the most popular ones.  I just wanted to share how this Blog started and to start a platform that is straight forward and honest!

No BullShit… no babying anyone so their feelings aren’t hurt… just the truth!!




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