Real Food vs. Supplements

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about vitamin C these past few months… most likely because people are scared of Covaid-19.  Of course my first response to tell everyone to… “Eat more Organic Oranges and drink more Orange Juice on a daily basis!”  

Now if you have noticed Oranges are pretty much out of season now and are much harder to find!  So now I am getting this question a lot… “What supplements can I take to replace the Oranges I used to eat?”Okay lets make something very clear… There are NO supplements that will every replace REAL FOOD!!

For example an orange has about 70mg of vitamin C.  Now a full grown man needs about 80-100 mg daily.  So an Orange a day will give you plenty of vitamin C.  I would suggest eating an Orange everyday and drinking a big glass of Orange Juice every single day! 

Okay lets talk about supplements!!  Have you ever wondered why the Vitamin C supplement you bought has 2,000+ the daily dose of vitamin C… Hmmmm???  Good question right!!  It is a great question but the answer may scare you.

Most of the supplement companies out there don’t give a SHIT about helping you get healthy… I hate to say it but it’s true!  

They throw in Dead Ingredients… and ingredients that the FDA may consider to be a form of Vitamin C but it really isn’t!  That is why there is such a high percentage of Vitamin C in your supplements… there is a bunch of dead products jammed together in a pill and that is supposed to give you some type of health benefit??  

Let’s take “Citric Acid” for example.  Comes from fruit… mostly Oranges… great source of Vitamin C!!  Now the Citric Acid that is in supplements is completely synthetically made!!  Which means it is fake… NOT REAL!!  The really scary part is that they acquire the “citric acid” from MOLD!!!  That is right your Vitamin C supplement is basically acquired from MOLD!!  So let’s think about this for a moment. 

If you are taking a Vitamin C supplement made from mold… no matter how high the percentage is… your taking a synthetic product made in a lab that is made from mold!!  Let that sink in for a minute…

Orange Benefits

Now if you eat a fresh clean Organic Orange you are ingesting one of the healthiest fruits that Nature had offered to us!! Let that sink in for a minute…

Another issue is the bio-availability of what you are eating. If you eat an Orange you will digest 100% of it. If you take a Vitamin C supplement you may get lucky and soak in 5%… which will probably have adverse effects on you… especially the 95% of the supplement that is floating around in your digestive tract!!

I am sure you have taken some supplement and then gone to the bathroom and your urine is bright yellow. Do you know what that means… that is your supplement (and your money) going right down the toilet!!!

Now eat an Orange and bet you will NEVER experience any side effects… especially NOT the Bright Nuclear Pee… LOL 🙂

Red Bell Peppers

Okay with all that being said… the reason for this post is because Oranges are out of season.  But there is a great solution to still being able to get your Vitamin C… Red Bell Peppers!!

That’s right… the Veggie that can be a Fruit… packs huge amounts of Vitamin C… even more then Oranges!!  So next time you are at the store and you can’t find any Oranges…  Skip the supplement aisle and head over to the produce section and pick up some Red Bell Peppers!!


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