Not all calories are created equal.

*The real names in this article have been changed to protect privacy*


“Heat output.  The fuel or energy output of the food”

Over the past two decades we have used the word “calorie” as a label for everything related to food.  In fact we use it even when it has no relevance.  The keep this past short and to the point I am going to focus on a conversation I had yesterday.  It was with someone who has claimed herself to be a “yo-yo” dieter.  She is a friend of one of my clients.  (For this post lets call her “Jane”).


Recently, Jane was in town and saw how great my client looked.  Both women were about the same height and weight.  Both has also started a diet program of 1,500 calories a day.  And yes they both have very similar body types!!  Jane is about to learn that not all calories are created equal!


Lets call my client Lisa.  I had just started working with Lisa around the same time that Jane had started working with her nutritionist in her hometown.  I have Lisa on a 100% whole food diet.  No processed foods at all.  I also have Lisa doing the correct food combinations and using all Organic ingredients!  (I will get into Organic foods and food combinations in future post!)

Mainstream Nutritionist

It is vital to note that Jane’s nutritionist does not follow my rules when it comes to food.  He does what 99% of nutritionist and “diet gurus” do.  They simply count calories without any thought of where they are coming from.  Unfortunately guys like Jane’s nutritionist  believe that one calorie equal one calorie.  Even if that single calorie is from fat, protein or carbohydrates.  This is a flawed way of thinking that has left our country unhealthy and overweight!

The Journey

Jane and Lisa both started in January.  We agreed to a 90 day program going through the end of March.  Lisa started at 150 lbs and was down to 125 by the end of March.  Jane also started at 150 lbs and was down to 142 by the end of March.  I saw the frustration and disappointment in Jane’s eyes when we got together to compare results.

Jane is the type of person that will diet for months and see some slow results.  Then give up and fall back to her poor eating habits.  Of course she always ends up gaining all her weight back and sometimes even more.  I am sure this sounds really familiar to everyone.  There are millions of people that do the same thing.  Lose a few pounds, plateau and gain it all back plus 10 more!  What Jane is missing isn’t motivation, its THE TRUTH!  A calorie is NOT a calorie!

The Truth

The reason for Jane’s results is that she doesn’t have an understanding of “De-Natured” foods.  Most of us have been programmed be food companies and weight loss programs.  This causes us to only focus on what the “label” says on the box.  The first issue is that you are eating food out of a box.  The second is that we are calculating your diet according to what’s on the outside of the box instead of what’s inside.

The human body is NOT a perfect laboratory beaker that perfectly burns whatever fuel we put into it.  Our bodies are full of hormones and enzymes that process everything we put into it.  We are all very different and unique, but also very much the same.  We cannot simply count calories and expect results.  This will only lead to failure!!


The next post “part 2” will check in and see if Jane is still on her diet.  Also we will check in with Lisa and explain how she was able to achieve such great results and how you can emulate them.  Remember “Not all calories are created equal!”




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