Not all calories are created equal – Part 2

Remember Jane and Lisa from “Not all calories are created equal” Part 1:


Let’s take a quick look at how Jane and Lisa are doing on their diets.  From Part 1 of this post.  Lisa is a client of mine and her friend Jane lives out of town!

Jane began working with her nutritionist at the same time Lisa started working with myself.  Now after that quick refresher lets see how they’re doing 2 months later.  Both Jane and Lisa started in January with the goal of losing 30 pounds!!


Lisa:  By mid-March Lisa was down to 125lbs from 150lbs.  She lost 25 pounds!

Jane:  Only lost 8 pounds.  Down to 142lbs from 150lbs.

As of November 2017 Lisa is currently at 115lbs.  She is loving her changed  lifestyle and new found health!  Lisa has completely changed her life and I have never seen her happier!  She will definitely keep this up as she has promised herself never to gain any of her weight back!

Now with Jane, there is good and bad news.  Jane plateaued at 138lbs and was so frustrated that she ended up putting on another 7 pounds.  Bringing her back up to 145lbs.  You can imagine how unhappy Jane was with her results.  But there’s more!!

After a couple conversations with Lisa, Jane decided to get on my program and see how it works for her.  She told me “I want to do whatever Lisa did.”  Jane started following my programs around mid June.  It is now November and Jane is already at 122!!  That’s a loss of 23lbs in about 4 months!!  Jane’s confidence is soaring, but more importantly she is much healthier and feels great!!

Why “Not all Calories are created equal”

The diet that Lisa followed, and Jane started in June is based on Whole Food “Non-DeNatured” foods.  Meaning that all of the food that they ate were in the same state in nature as they were when consumed!  The meats were cooked but no processing at all!

People have been consuming real whole foods since the beginning of time.  Then all of a sudden the food industry came along.  Processed the hell out of every healthy food we have.  Shoved it in a box and said it is just as healthy!

Healthy always out weighs Unhealthy

Then after about 4 decades of these lies about “just count your calories” our country is obscenely obese and has more health issues than you can imagine.  Ranging from food allergies to cancer.

All these problems can be fixed with healthy diet corrections.  We just need to be more responsible for ourselves and take ownership of our health and the choices that we make!!  I will get more and more into the numerous diets that work!!


“Not all calories are created equal.”  It doesn’t matter what the label says, if you don’t know what is in your food and where it comes from, you shouldn’t eat it.  Only counting calories is a failed system that we can not rely on.  Knowing what we are eating and if it is benefitting your body is vital!  The more responsible we become for our own health the easier it will be to stay healthy.  We’ll talk about the economy of food, supply and demand, in a future post.



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