Does your Neck hurt when you do ABS??

I have a great story to tell you!!

Years ago there used to be this guy at the gym… Let’s name him Eddie.  Eddie would come to the gym once, maybe twice a week.  He would come in and do a set of ABS… just one set!!  But that set had a few hundred reps… LOL 🙂

But wait… it gets better!!!  Eddie would lay on a Physio ball and bounce up and down on the ball counting hundreds of reps out.  Next he would walk around the gym and brag to everyone that he just did 500 ABS!!

I guess whatever makes you happy… Right!!

Below is a pic of bad form vs. good form.  Remember when you are doing ABS or Sit-Ups… you are working your ABS!!  If you find yourself doing something that Eddie would do.  Remember the pic below and don’t get caught doing “Neck Ups”.

Correct Sit-Up Form
Correct Sit-Up Form

Here are some great exercises to create the “Perfect ABS”.  Remember to always hit your ABS from every angle.  Let me know which ones you use the most!!

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