Chicken Breast Vs. Chicken Liver

It is obvious that Chicken Liver has way more health benefits than Chicken Breast.  But how often do you eat Chicken Liver compared to Chicken Breast!!

Before you say it… Let’s compare the protein amounts!!

100 grams of Chicken Breast has 31 grams of protein!!

100 grams of Chicken Liver has 26 grams of protein!!

So that excuse you were about to make about needing protein doesn’t really count in this situation!!  

But lets be honest Chicken Liver taste nothing like Chicken Breast… but I do have a few tricks to get it in your diet without even noticing!!

The two ways we do it is to grind up the chicken liver and add the ground liver to ground chicken as you are cooking it.   If you add a couple livers you won’t even taste the difference and you will get some great health benefits!!  The second way is the take the same ground liver and add to hamburgers.  You can add it right to the meat and get the great benefits without noticing any change in taste!!

This is a great way to get rich nutrition into many of your meals… especially if you have kids!!

Chicken Breast Vs. Chicken Liver

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To Your Health & Fitness

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