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    Real Food vs. Supplements

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions about vitamin C these past few months… most likely because people are scared of Covaid-19.  Of course my first response to tell everyone to… “Eat more Organic Oranges and drink more Orange Juice on a daily basis!”   Now if you have noticed Oranges are pretty much out of season now and are much harder to find!  So now I am getting this question a lot… “What supplements can I take to replace the Oranges I used to eat?”Okay lets make something very clear… There are NO supplements that will every replace REAL FOOD!! For example an orange has about 70mg of vitamin C.  Now a full grown man needs…

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    You Are What You Eat!!

    Have you ever heard of the saying “You are what you eat”!!  Well… it is kinda true!  Of course… you won’t literally turn into the foods you are eating.. but the nutrients in the foods you eat are what your body used to rebuild itself!! I always like to use the “Race Car’ analogy!!  If you put cheap low quality gas in your race car… would you expect it to run at peak performance??  Of course not!! Its the same as far as how your body rebuilds itself.  Your body uses the nutrients in the foods you eat to rebuild the cells in your body!  If you are eating unhealthy…

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    Why Your Workout Sucks!!

    I am sure you have done this before… a quick jog… a couple of stretches… than right into the workout!!  I know I have been guilty of this many times.  Guess what that typical warm up gets you…  a slow beginning to your workout and a possible chance of injury!!  I know warming up isn’t fun or exciting.  But if that extra 10 minutes makes your workout 5X’s better… isn’t that worth it! #FIRST# if you find yourself doing some of these warm up exercises on the left.  Substitute them for one of the exercises on the right!! Once you are warmed up… check out the Calisthenic Full Body Workout below!! …

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    Do You Get Enough Sleep??

    So how many hours of sleep did you get last night??  Was it enough… how do you feel?? I personally fall in the “Okay” category.  But to be honest I have always slept for around 5 hours and feel great in the mornings!! There are those days then it starts to catch up with me and I crash for a good 8 hour night 🙂 So #FIRST# how much sleep do you get?? Make sure you are getting enough water!!  Check out all the benefits water gives you!! -Arqum

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    Chicken Breast Vs. Chicken Liver

    It is obvious that Chicken Liver has way more health benefits than Chicken Breast.  But how often do you eat Chicken Liver compared to Chicken Breast!! Before you say it… Let’s compare the protein amounts!! 100 grams of Chicken Breast has 31 grams of protein!! 100 grams of Chicken Liver has 26 grams of protein!! So that excuse you were about to make about needing protein doesn’t really count in this situation!!   But lets be honest Chicken Liver taste nothing like Chicken Breast… but I do have a few tricks to get it in your diet without even noticing!! The two ways we do it is to grind up the…

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    Top 5 Toxic Ingredients Hiding in your Deodorant.

    I’m sure you wake up every morning… take a shower… put on Deodorant… and head of to work!!  Like most of us, I bet you never even give a second thought to what you just rubbed onto your armpit?? Now keep in mind that your skin is the largest organ of your body… and your lymph nodes are directly under your armpits!!  So wouldn’t it make sense to only apply healthy clean products to your skin… especially around your armpits!! Check out the top 5 Toxic ingredients hiding in your deodorant!  Also check out the “Sneaky Names For Gluten”.  If you are trying to keep Gluten out of your diet……

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    An Apple a Day… Keeps the Doctor Away!!!

    Have you ever heard the phase, “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”?  I remember hearing this all the time when I was a kid.   Apples are one of the healthiest foods you can possible eat!!  Check out all the great benefits you get from Apples… why would you not eat AT LEAST one a day!! Just to add another point… if someone tells you that Apples are unhealthy… or use the myth that is contains to much sugar… they have no idea about health and nutrition!! Don’t forget one of my other favorite fruits!!  Oranges have so many health benefits they should be eaten daily!!  Especially with its great Immune…

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    This “Fat Burning” Workout only takes 1% of your Day!!

    I keep hearing the excuse “I just don’t have any time to workout”.  This is the worse excuse I have ever heard… and I have heard every one you can think of!  So here is a quick workout that you can do at home to burn FAT!! If you do the math.. 15 minutes equals 1% of your day.  That’s right 1% of your day.  Everyone should be doing this workout every single day! To make it clear there is NO breaks between exercises.. But you do get a 1 minute rest after each round!!  5 rounds will only take you 15 minutes!! Remember we all have ABS… they are…

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    White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

    Here is the age old question that every person starting out in fitness and an healthier lifestyle always asks??  “What is better for you, White Rice or Brown Rice?? The obvious answer… for anyone who had been working out for over a week :)… is Brown Rice! I have seen countless graphics like the one below that is constantly trying to promote White Rice as “Not that Bad”.  No matter how you look at it or try to manipulate the stats to make yourself feel better… Brown Rice is far superior to White Rice!! Instead of Googling stats and trying to find a way to make White Rice sound good for you……