The reason workout programs don’t work for people is because they offer generic workout routines that are designed for one body type and one goal. We all have unique bodies and many things affect our ability to create the outcome we desire. In order to truly see results, you need a diet/workout plan custom to your body AND your goals. I have over 25 years of experience and I’ve helped thousands of individuals sculpt their dream body so I know how to create a custom workout routine that will work for anyone, with any body type, with any goal. In fact, I’m so confident I can get you results, I’m currently offering a free 2 week trial to be virtually coached by me. 

Here are a few clients I coached who also thought getting the body they wanted wasn’t possible. They too once stood in your shoes skeptical and hopeless…

What Clients are Saying:

I have a special needs son so I really need to workout at home. I tried a few online trainers but they just gave me the same old pre-made workouts that most of them sell to people! My mom suggested I check out ArqFit… I was hesitant to use someone online but Arqum made my workout amazing!!! The workouts are so much fun and I can include my son… who loves them and looks forward to them everyday!! I can see the difference in myself and my son!! I look like I have my young body back… and I feel awesome… thank you so much! 

– Beth Ingram – San deigo, CA

My sister had been using Arqum for all her workout and nutritional information ever since she had her baby girl!! I have 3 boys and was 50 lbs heavier than I was on my wedding day. I was so busy with my boys I could barely make it to the gym… well I had every excuse in the world to avoid the gym. I had a consultation with Arqum and he designed workouts that I could do right at home… he even included my 2 year old. It is amazing to spend time with my son and get healthy and in shape at the same time. I can’t thank Arqum enough for dramatically increasing my quality of life…. thank you so much!!

– Sharon Reed  – Warsaw, WI

I was in Los Angeles for USA High Performance Volleyball. I asked the professional players and coaches if they knew a good trainer I could use while I was in town!! Every single one told me about Arqum. I got a hold of him and got lucky since he had a few clients out of town. I had the pleasure of working with Arqum for a full week! What I learned was priceless… and when I used his workouts throughout college where I had a great indoor and beach volleyball career!! I really appreciated the nutritional guidance.. all that information has changed my life forever!! Thanks Arq… you’re the best!

– Miles Fiers – New Jersey, NJ

Sitting behind a desk for 30 years left a once athletic person looking like an old fat man. This was extremely depressing since I was once a pretty good athlete in my college days!! I actually met Arqum in a restaurant. I was ease dropping as he was explaining to an elderly lady what she needs to eat after her back surgery.. to help her heal faster.

I was so impressed I asked him for his email and phone number, which he gladly gave. I emailed him the next day and I have lost 60 lbs following the custom plan Arqum put together for me. The workouts are great… constantly changing.. always fun!!

Thank you so much… I love my new body!!! 

– Chris Caine – Clevelend, OH

All these Healthy Foods and Supplements are making me sick!!

Introduction This is my favorite quote I got from someone I was trying to help out. Not even a client, just a friend of a friend I was trying to help. For this post lets call him “Sean”… which is not his real name of course!! Sean is a great example of the guy who thinks they are healthy, but are definitely not! I finally had him doing some healthy things for his body and then it happened. He went to a buddies wedding, got drunk, and over ate unhealthy food all day!